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Co-create a Hybrid Work Playbook

New structures and new practices from remote work to flexible, hybrid work. 

Co-create a hybrid work playbook for your organization – get a ready-made project plan

Last year has dramatically changed how we work, collaborate, and communicate – both internally as colleagues and employees and with our customers. As societies are slowly taking steps towards a new normal, we may find that we don't want the new to look the same as the old. 

Flexible, hybrid work is here to stay

Many companies have already created guidelines for remote work. Now we need new structures and new practices which enable productive hybrid work.

Companies need to define, for example

  • What kind of work can be done remotely
  • Which work requires the presence at the workplace
  • What kind of employee expectations are there for working in the hybrid model 
  • How do we combine remote and non-remote work efficiently
  • How do we ensure that everyone can participate equally, regardless of where they work 
  • How to increase well-being and sense of belonging in the hybrid environment
  • How do we empower people to collaborate in the hybrid work environment

What is it?

Innoduel and Timanttia Consulting have developed an agile model for the co-creation of a hybrid work playbook for organizations. Combining our strong expertise in hybrid work and co-creation into one simple process, we can provide our customers something good!

We believe that it is vital to engage employees in co-creating new guidelines and practices because we are designing things that directly affect their everyday lives. When people are involved in the process from the beginning, they are more likely to commit to the outcomes and are, in general, happier. It’s as simple as that.




Innoduel provides scalable and inclusive co-creation solutions for continuous improvement.

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Timanttia Consulting

Timanttia Consulting

Timanttia Consulting is an expert in remote leadership and hybrid work since 2017.

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